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Mail on Screen’s Mission & Vision

Mail on Screen was founded with a mission to provide freedom to anybody who needs to receive mail. It’s paradox that we, humans, are in the 21st century, able to explore space, communicate across the Earth but we still use old-fashioned postal mail. Well, sometimes it is necessary to have a mailbox and receive new credit cards or checks or important letters from the government or court. However, it is not necessary to be a slave of your mail.
Mail on Screen combines classic postal mail with the comfort of email. You can be anywhere in the world and be able to reach your virtual mailbox. You only need a device with an internet connection where you can view and manage all your mail with few clicks. It is totally up to you, what to do with each piece of mail.
Mail on Screen’s vision is to provide simple and fast mail forwarding services. Some people think that mail forwarding is only for particular groups such as businesses, professionals, digital nomads, professional athletes, students. We think that this service is dedicated to all who want to be freer and have time for more important values in life!

Just let Mail on Screen take care of your mail!

Peter Brazda