Keep your Mailing Address when moving out of California.

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California Exodus

Whether to move out or live in California has been one of the most discussed topics as its
residents became affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion has also focused on
California’s high state tax rate, high cost of living, and expensive housing costs. Besides,
California residents are also concerned about the quality of life as the state became a shelter for
the homeless and exposed the difference between the rich and poor.
According to the 2020 census results, although California has 10 million more residents than
Texas, the Lone Star State has won the popularity contest. It is no secret that businesses and
CEOs are also seeking other options than settling in California. During the COVID-19 pandemic,
moving out from high-priced states such as California and New York became the new norm.
States such as Texas, which offer lower living costs, are welcoming new residents.
Last year, Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX, moved from California to Texas, where
he resides with his family and business priorities. But not only Tesla’s co-founder found better
living opportunities in Texas, large companies, such as Oracle, HP Inc., and CBRE, have
relocated their headquarters to Texas as well. Besides, Toyota also chose to relocate its North
American headquarters from California to Texas because of its popular spacious housing, lower
cost of living, and a business welcoming environment.
As of today, California ranks in the top five states as a state with the highest local taxes, while
Texas ranks in the bottom five. Texas also supports energy extraction, while California actively
legislates against it despite owning the largest shale oil reserve in the nation. Because of this, the
West Coast state has some of the most challenging business regulations in the US, while the
Midwestern state is undoubtedly much more business-friendly.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many international companies have worked together to
improve awareness of e-commerce opportunities, which can lead to more business opportunities.
The e-commerce reports displayed that the pandemic caused a shift in online consumer demand
and created more possibilities for a sustainable digital future. The pandemic has revolutionized
the way consumers use e-commerce, and digital solutions, resulting in emerging economies
producing the most significant shift in online shopping.
Not only can consumers benefit from the digital world, but also local businesses can become
producers in the digital economy.

California Mail Forwarding

With the digital world rising, Mail On Screen became a popular alternative for storing
individuals and business mail pieces. Mail On Screen creates a virtual address for each
individual or business that allows the users to access their mail from anywhere in the world.
Moving to a different state, such as Texas, for business opportunities or simply because of more
living advantages no longer requires a lengthy process, and form filing with USPS as Mail On
Screen takes care of all these duties.
Mail On Screen is here to help Californians and everyone around the United States who are in
the process or considering moving and want to keep their mail in one place. With Mail On
Screen the moving process or traveling has never become easier as its users have access to their
postal mail 24/7, no matter how many times they move or where they are in the world.
Mail On Screen also supports small businesses as they have the opportunity to establish their
new digital business address and receive all of their correspondence. At the same time, Mail On
Screen allows its users to reside in Texas or any other state and keep their business address in
California. With its $30 unlimited plan, Mail On Screen allows up to 10 individuals to manage
the business mail digitally from anywhere.
Small businesses benefit from the Mail On Screen membership. They establish an address for
their business in California and access their company’s mail pieces digitally from their home or
anywhere in the world.
The benefits of using Mail On Screen virtual address include the freedom of being anywhere in
the world or move multiple times a year and still have access to the mail in one place. Mail On
Screen membership also includes a feature where an individual or business owner has the ability
to open their mail pieces digitally.

Virtual Mailbox from $5/mo

To sign up with Mail On Screen, an individual or business owner can choose a plan that starts
with only $5 a month and goes all the way up to $30 a month, which offers unlimited digital
access to mail pieces and Open & Scan feature that opens and scans 20 mail pieces for free.
Once the mail is opened and scanned, the user will receive a notification and have the ability to
review the content of the mail digitally.
Mail On Screen users can log in to their virtual mailbox with one click and check the mail. No
matter who the sender is, Mail On Screen always receives and takes care of all your