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How to Manage Mail while living on a Boat?

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Traveling or living on the boat is a dream of many of us, but how do we receive our mail while
we’re cruising the ocean? The answer is Mail On Screen! Most people decide to use the marina
office to receive their mail, but what if you choose to travel to multiple places and don’t want to
wait until your return or risk losing your mail pieces. The advantage of Mail On Screen that
many other services don’t have is that you can create a virtual mailbox with access to the content
of your mail digitally, so why not choose to go paperless? Our users have the freedom of sailing
to different places frequently without worrying about missing out on some important documents.
Creating a virtual mailing address with Mail On Screen is the safest way how to receive all of
your mail on time and in one place. At the same time, you’re discovering different parts of the
world or simply enjoying life while living on the boat, without missing out on any essential
information that might be waiting for you in your mail.

How to Forward Mail When Living on a Yacht

It’s never been easier; you can still receive all of your mail while traveling the seas and living on
your boat. While you are enjoying time on your travels, our Florida mail service provides you
with all of the necessary steps required for you to receive all of your mail and packages. We will
hold your packages at our office until you’re back from your travels, or we can forward
them to you anywhere in the world so you won’t have to wait. Does this sound too good to be
true? No, because Mail On Screen takes care of everything while you’re enjoying your time on
the sea! See how it works here.

Managing Bussines Mail while Living on the Boat

We understand that living on a boat can become your new lifestyle, and choosing a preferred
mailing method is part of it. But what if your business address was the same as your home
address? Or what if you need your mail before you get back to the office? This is why we created
Mail On Screen; you have the ability to choose your virtual business address and have all of your
business correspondence at one place 24/7 available to you.

If you have a very small volume of monthly incoming mail or you don’t need registered agent service, all you need is a membership that starts with just $5 a month and few clicks through our website, and we will take care of the rest.
Mail On Screen will allow you to go paperless, access and manage your work mail digitally, and establish or
change your business address for you!

What about mail if you live on a boat?

Have you ever heard about a virtual mailbox or address? You can sign up with few clicks for
your new mailing address in our office in Miami and view and manage all your mail
entirely online while enjoying life on your boat!

Can I pick up my mail in your office from time to time?

Yes, definitely. For most of your incoming mail, you can request mail scanning and view the
content on your device. However, if you receive some private mail or package, you can pick it up
when you are back in Miami.

How do I receive packages while on the boat?

After creating your virtual mailbox with Mail On Screen, we will receive all of your packages at
our office in Miami. You will then have the option to choose from either
having your packages forward from our offices to you, anywhere in the world or picking them
up once you return from your travels. We will always receive all of your packages, notify and
hold them for you until you decide which of these options works best for you.

Can I view and manage all my mail while cruising?

Absolutely! Once you have your virtual mailbox provided by Mail on Screen, we will notify you by email when you receive new mail and you can request scans, forward, and much more with just a few clicks on your phone or laptop. See all our features!