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Mail Forwarding for Snowbirds

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Florida is a popular place for vacation recreations with its warm weather year-round. Many
other states are not so fortunate as they are either too cold during winter.
The only and popular way how to avoid any unpleasant weather is to migrate to Florida
temporarily. The people who do so call themselves snowbirds, as they avoid extreme weather by
a recreational stay in sunny Florida.

Many people live in Florida only for one season due to the perfect weather; they either
purchase winter residence or rent an Airbnb. Canadians and the northern state of the USA are
amongst the most popular temporary residents who enjoy their seasonal stay in the sunny state.

Although having a recreational place sounds like a dream come true, being away from your
permanent address can cause many difficulties, including handling your mail. Who wants to use
a temporary mail address and risk getting their mail lost or spend time filing forms each season?
The correct answer is nobody.

So how do snowbirds manage their mail while they are enjoying their winter getaway?
Snowbirds have few options on how to manage their correspondence, either wait until their
return or use Florida mail forwarding services, access their mail on a daily basis, and keep
their mail in one place year-round.

Using Virtual Mailbox Services

The problem with managing mail occurs when you’re home for only a part of the year and
another part here in Florida. To simply solve mail forwarding that can become an issue, in the
long run, is to create a virtual address and manage your mail online. Mail On Screen will provide
you with Florida virtual mailbox for just as little as $5 a month and safely deliver all of your
mail digitally.

Snowbirds can also choose from the other monthly plan options as Mail On Screen offers three
types of memberships based on your needs. The second plan, and the most popular one, costs

$15 a month and offers mail forwarding for up to two people with 30 mail pieces digitally
scanned for free and an Open & Scan feature for up to five pieces for a free charge as well.

Businesses use our third plan, so if you’re a snowbird who needs to manage their business mail
while enjoying their recreational stay, this is the plan for you! For $30 a month, you can add up
to 10 different recipients and enjoy your unlimited digitally scanned envelopes with 30 Open &
Scan mail pieces for free.

How Can You Set-up Your Virtual Mailbox

How the Mail On Screen works is that you will receive an email notification every time you
receive an envelope and check your mail pieces online from your account. Our services are
created so that everyone can easily use them without any confusion or trouble. We serve
customers, including pensioners who use our app daily, as our system is made simple and
accessible for all clients. We even fill out the USPS Form 1583 for you! And the best part is that
if for some reason you’re not satisfied with the services or decide to go back to have your mail
delivered only to your home, you can cancel your Mail On Screen membership ANYTIME!

Your mail can be managed from a mobile phone or PC, and once in a while, based on your needs,
you can forward mail to any address you will be staying at as everything can be set in the

So what are precisely the features we provide for snowbirds? Here are all the features we have:

  • Mail Scanning
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Mail Shredding
  • Online Notary USPS Form 1583
  • Multiple Addresses
  • Mail Storage
  • Package & Mail Forwarding
  • Digital Access To Your Mail

Sign up today with Mail On Screen and enjoy your paperless and worry-free stay in the sunny
state of Florida!