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Mail Forwarding Solution for Digital Nomads

Life & Mail

Becoming a digital nomad requires a certain balance between your life and work. Life as a
digital nomad is about taking advantage of every moment and creating more fun, excitement, and
adventure on a daily basis. Digital nomads tend to achieve these moments by discovering new
countries, cultures and exploring the most unique places in the world.

But what about work while pursuing your life as a digital nomad? Working as a digital nomad
requires a remote job that offers a regular income so that you can continue experiencing the
excitement of exploring the world. If this sounds like an ideal lifestyle to you, then you might be
interested in pursuing this career.

Fortunately, there are more digital nomad jobs appearing as COVID-19 affected in-person
workspace. The second step in becoming a digital nomad would be making necessary
adjustments to make your life easier while you travel. One of those most important adjustments
is having access to all of your mail while traveling.

Perks of Being a Digital Nomad

Apart from transforming your lifestyle to experience new adventures and travel the world, you
can also make your life easier by having your day-to-day responsibilities taken care of. As we
move forward from the past two years of lockdown under the pandemic, As we move forward
from the past two years of lockdown under the pandemic, it is clear that soon we’ll be able to get
back to our everyday lives and travel without restrictions. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the
world had to convert to a digital version, and the digital nomad’s independent lifestyle became
more popular.

Nowadays, we already live, study, and work online, so why wouldn’t we have our addresses
virtual as well? We don’t need to go to our nine to five jobs physically anymore, so why not
establish a virtual address and make our daily lives even more accessible.

So while you’re traveling and adjusting your lifestyle to your dream come true as a digital
nomad, you now have the chance to enjoy more free time without worry as Mail On Screen takes
care of all of your mail.

A Virtual Mailbox Made for Travelers

Usually, when you move to a brand-new place, you would go to your nearest USPS and fill out a
form to make sure to receive all of your mail. But what happens if you’re moving without a
permanent address? As a digital nomad and full-time traveler, you won’t be able to have a
permanent address for a while, and that’s why a virtual mailbox might be one of the smartest
moves you could possibly do.

While you can manage some of your major matters over an email, you will most definitely still
need a physical mailbox to receive bills and legal documents or simply letters from your loved
ones while you travel the world. However, you can solve this problem by creating a reliable
virtual mailbox with the digital mailbox provider Mail On Screen.

Mail On Screen is a mailbox company located in Miami that will provide every nomad
with a permanent virtual mailing address to receive all mail and packages for a monthly fee,
including mail handling, digital scanning, and mail & package forwarding to anywhere in the
world of your choice.

Advantages of Virtual Address for Digital Nomads

Mail On Screen has one of the most affordable plans on the market as it offers a membership for
as little as $5 a month. A $5 a month will get you Miami virtual address and services,

  • Real street address in Miami
  • Mail forwarding
  • Daily mail notifications
  • Online viewing
  • Opening and scanning
  • Package storage and shipping anywhere in the world
  • Secure disposing, shredding, and recycling

To start, you simply go to the Mail On Screen sign-up website and put all of your basic
information, such as your name, current address, and email. Mail On Screen will then take this
information and automatically file the USPS form 1583 that the post office requires. This step is
part of the registration as without a notarized form; we are not allowed to process any of your
coming mail. From there, you will be able to travel and enjoy your life as a digital nomad while
managing your mail throughout your phone!