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Mail Forwarding for Snowbirds

California is a popular place for vacation recreations with its warm weather year-round. Manyother states are not so fortunate as they are either too cold during winter or too humid in summer.The only and popular way how to avoid any unpleasant weather is to migrate to Californiatemporarily. The people who do so call themselves snowbirds, … Continued

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Mail Forwarding Solution for Digital Nomads

Becoming a digital nomad requires a certain balance between your life and work. Life as adigital nomad is about taking advantage of every moment and creating more fun, excitement, andadventure on a daily basis. Digital nomads tend to achieve these moments by discovering newcountries, cultures and exploring the most unique places in the world. But … Continued

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How to Manage Mail while living on a Boat?

Traveling or living on the boat is a dream of many of us, but how do we receive our mail whilewe’re cruising the ocean? The answer is Mail On Screen! Most people decide to use the marinaoffice to receive their mail, but what if you choose to travel to multiple places and don’t want towait … Continued

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Keep your Mailing Address when moving out of California.

California Exodus Whether to move out or live in California has been one of the most discussed topics as itsresidents became affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion has also focused onCalifornia’s high state tax rate, high cost of living, and expensive housing costs. Besides,California residents are also concerned about the quality of life as … Continued


Mail on Screen’s Mission & Vision

Mail on Screen was founded with a mission to provide freedom to anybody who needs to receive mail. It’s paradox that we, humans, are in the 21st century, able to explore space, communicate across the Earth but we still use old-fashioned postal mail. Well, sometimes it is necessary to have a mailbox and receive new … Continued