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General Questions

What is mail forwarding and virtual mailbox? open

Mail forwarding is a service designed for people or businesses who want to receive their postal mail at a real street address but cannot be present there. Mail on Screen can receive your postal mail and further process it according to your wishes. Virtual mailbox means that every physical postal mailbox is provided with an online account where customers can view and manage their postal mail from anywhere, at any time.


What locations are currently offered? open

Mail on Screen currently provides mail forwarding services in Redondo Beach, California. Our office is 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles. New locations are coming soon!

Will I get a real street address? open

Yes! Mail on Screen offers only real street addresses in Los Angeles, California — not P.O. boxes.

Can I use this address as a home or business address? open

Yes! This service is for anyone seeking a real address in California.

Can Mail on Screen legally receive mail on my behalf? open

Yes, it is legal. However, all our customers are required to fill out and notarize USPS Form 1583. For more information, click here.

Does Mail on Screen accept mail and packages? open

We accept both deliveries.

What items are prohibited to send to my new address? open

Please do not use your new address provided by Mail on Screen to receive any prohibited, illegal, or dangerous items.

Sign-up Process

How do I activate my Mail on Screen account? open

Select the best plan for your needs and then follow the registration process step by step. Finally, notarize USPS Form 1583 to start receiving mail at your new address, and manage it completely online!

How do I notarize USPS Form 1583? open

We recommend you check out the complete tutorial here. Once you finish the account registration, there are two ways to notarize USPS Form 1583: via a local notary or our online notary.

Local Notary – download your prefilled USPS Form 1583 during the registration or later in your account and visit a local notary near you. Then, send the notarized document to our office below:

Mail On Screen

713 S. Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite B

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Note: this option is only for customers who are physically present in the U.S.

Online Notary – this option is faster and more convenient. Please prepare two pieces of ID and start online notarization, then follow the instructions. Note: online notary is the only option for international customers who are not present in the U.S. and cannot visit a local notary.

How much does it cost to notarize USPS Form 1583? open

If you use an online notary, the one-time fee for domestic customers is $25 and $79 for international customers.

How many recipients can I add to my account? open

Please see our pricing. Be aware that all recipients must notarize USPS Form 1583.

Does Mail on Screen provide registered agent services? open

We are currently working on providing this service to our clients in the future.

Using My Account

How will I know that I have received new mail? open

Whenever receive any new mail for you, we will notify you by email. Then you can log in to your virtual mailbox and view and manage your postal mail anytime and from any device connected to the internet.

How can I manage my mail? open

We have a great online portal that makes it simple to manage your mail and see all our amazing features. Basically, there are three options, and you can request every action online in your account.

Open and scan: Want to see the contents of your mail? On your request, we will open, scan, and upload it to your account; you will be notified by email when it’s ready.

Forward: Select each mail item and we’ll send it anywhere in the world. If you wish to mail out the whole mailbox, request it with only a few clicks.

Destroy: If you no longer need some mail, just request secured shredding and let us take care of it. Of course, this is completely free.

May I add more than one forwarding address? open

You may add unlimited mail forwarding addresses. Then, simply select one when you request mail forwarding.

Can I set up mail-out frequency? open

Yes, please log in to your account and set up mailout frequency weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Default settings are set to hold all your mail in your mailbox.

Is automatic scanning allowed? open

Yes, if you wish to open and scan all incoming mail, just select this in the settings.

How do I change my plan? open

Log in to your account, go to Settings, then to Account Settings and Update Plan.

How do I close my account and end my subscription? open

Please contact our support team with your request at


Is there any handling fee for mailouts? open

No! We do not have any mailout fee. We only charge you for shipping fees. Please go to Pricing to see our shipping rates.

What couriers are used by Mail on Screen for mail forwarding? open

We currently use USPS for domestic and international shipping.


What type of payments does Mail on Screen accept? open

We only accept credit and debit cards.

Free Local Pickup

Can I pick up my mail in your office for free? open

Yes, but it must be arranged in advance. Please call us at least one day before you wish to pick up your mail. You can also request an appointment by emailing